PLI Projects is a project management consulting company that provides programme and project management services to the private, public and development sectors.  This division of our organisation has entrenched itself as an organisation with a culture of unwavering professionalism and excellence, and one that has a proven and successful track record of delivering on high-value and complex programmes according to the mandated time, scope and quality requirements.

PLI Project’s value-offering includes the management of the entire value-stream of projects, which includes:

  • The undertaking of elicitation research to inform final strategy development;
  • Conceptualising, defining and refining the strategy of client programmes;
  • Providing programme leadership;
  • Programme planning and scheduling;
  • Orientation and training of the Programme team, and building the required capabilities and culture required to achieve the programme objectives;
  • Inculcating best-practice programme controls and systems;
  • Development of related communication content;
  • Programme reporting and stakeholder management;
  • Management of the implementation process;
  • On-going support and management;
  • Quality-control;
  • Risk management, and navigating programme risks and challenges;
  • Monitoring and evaluation during the life-cycle of the programme so as to enable corrective programming where required;
  • Negotiating the inevitable trade-offs inherent in complex programmes;
  • Identifying and implementing off-shoot opportunities; and
  • Providing skills transfer and on-going advisory support to ensure sustainability.

The organisation, and its key team members, have built up extensive experience in the implementation of robust, results-oriented programmes.  Should you wish to enquire on Programmes that we have undertaken, please do not hesitate to submit a request for our portfolio from our Head Office.

Our Approach

Our programme management approach addresses all phases of programme management from inception to completion.  It provides comprehensive guidelines for the effective management and administration of a programme and its individual projects, while providing sufficient flexibility to meet the needs of the various stakeholders involved. Key on-going activities of our programme management approach include:

  • Oversight of all the programme activities;
  • Organising feedback meetings;
  • Facilitating and conducting periodic team meetings;
  • Monitoring team members’ performance and outputs;
  • Ensuring that all important and/or critical decisions are made in a timely fashion and communicated to the relevant stakeholders;
  • Ensuring that important milestone sign-offs are obtained, and that quality assurance procedures are performed as scheduled;
  • Monitoring of any potential risks and issues arising during the course of the programme;
  • Maintaining all necessary records and documents for subsequent evaluations and audits to be performed; and
  • Maintaining a work plan.

Responsibility for implementing and controlling the above programme management tasks is assigned to a dedicated Programme Manager with extensive experience in coordinating large and complex programmes.

Progress Monitoring and Reporting

Reporting on progress, programme issues and risks, and short-term planning, is the responsibility of every programme team member. The dedicated Programme Manager, as a central point of communication, is responsible for the collation of this feedback and communicating this to the relevant stakeholders.  Feedback will need to occur at varying levels of detail, at various intervals.

Our programme teams meet on a regular basis, and as required, to discuss the overall progress of their programmes, or to discuss specific issues that have arisen.  In order to ensure programme quality and to minimise the risk of delays, our approach further ensures that a series of milestones and deliverables are incorporated into each programme work plan.  These milestones are monitored by the Programme Manager.

Key Resources

PLI Projects employs highly qualified and experienced Project, Programme and Portfolio Managers, Administrators and support staff.  Our organisation further makes use of best-of-breed tools and systems so as to support the planning, organizing, management, and monitoring and evaluation of the programmes that PLI Projects is mandated to undertake.  This is the cornerstone of our organisation’s success, and has resulted in the continuous successful achievement of our client’s pre-defined programme goals and objectives, and the programme scope, time, and quality requirements.