PLI Capital focuses on taking substantial equity positions in small to medium and large-sized, unlisted companies that have established and experienced management teams. Such companies should demonstrate a strong profit history and demonstrate good growth opportunities, and function within sectors with barrier to entry.

Geographical Focus

PLI Capital is focused on investing in South Africa, and on partnering with well-established companies operating within the African landscape. Our offshore market diversification (outside of Africa) is achieved through the portfolio of companies seeking trading opportunities abroad.

Company Size

Equity investments of R10 million to R500 million.

Sector Focus

A wide industry focus is applied. The key expectation with regards to investment is sustained growth above industry and economic averages. Armaments and tobacco are specifically excluded.

Investment Stage

  • Management Buy-Out;
  • Expansion Capital;
  • Replacement Capital; and
  • Leveraged Buy-Out.

Management Buy-In opportunities are also considered if PLI Capital believes it carries the resources and knowledge within the industry required to generate economic and margin growth.

Portfolio Management

Partnerships with our portfolio of companies are established through significant equity share positiions in investee companies, as well as through board representation.

Portfolio Construction

PLI Capital mainly focuses on investments in well-established businesses with a long track record of success and experienced management teams. Strong start-ups and disruptive companies in early stage of development are also considered. Diversification is applied through investing in companies varying in gearing levels, company positioning in its economic cycle, margins and cash flow positioning, capital base and industry.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters are a major focus point for PLI Capital and are therefore considered in all investments.


PLI Capital places a strong focus on Black Economic Empowerment as an economic imperative, and therefore appraises all investments based on its current and potential transformation focus and positioning.