PLI Foods (a division of The PLI Group) is a food manufacturing and warehousing, wholesale, supply and distribution organisation.  The organisation’s manufacturing and warehousing operations are situated in Boksburg, Gauteng.

PLI Foods manufactures a variety of food products for its private and public sector clients, with leading product lines being Soya Mince (which is an affordable alternative protein source to meat and fish foods), soup and juice.

Our organisation places a strong emphasis on research and evidence-based decision making, and as a result partners with professional food technologists and dieticians, ensuring that the food products produced are diet-appropriate to the requirements of each of the sectors that we supply to. Further, our organisation works with a large number of food producers, manufacturers and wholesalers across South Africa, thereby ensuring extensive reach and coverage throughout the country. As a result of the large demand-base for our products and services, the company is able to maintain high economies of scale, thereby passing on significant cost savings to our clients and customers.

PLI Foods is committed to maintaining its high health and safety standards with regards to the safe receiving, manufacturing, storage and delivery of food items to its client and customers.  Our organisation thus operates from a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and International Standards Organisation (ISO) compliant production facility. Our organisation has further put the following health and safety processes into place within our operation:

  • A comprehensive Prerequisite Programme (PRP) has been developed in order to ensure control of all food safety risks.
  • The organisation’s manufacturing and warehouse facility has been designed according to food safety requirements so as to ensure adherence to these stringent food safety standards.
  • A continuous improvement plan has been put into place to facilitate the ongoing improvement of the organisation’s food safety system.

 Our state-of-the-art facility is operated by highly skilled staff who are supported by industry-leading systems and technology that provide integrated planning, implementation and monitoring capacity. 

Food Logistics and Distribution

The logistics and distribution component of the food sector is most times case-specific, and as a result requires tailored solutions.  As a result, PLI Foods assesses its food logistics and distribution from the perspective of the customer, and together with the customer develops an optimal solution that is customer-focused. To meet the specific logistics requirements of our clients and customers’ supply-chain and demand-chain needs, we emphasize a focus on the strategic functions of:

  • Strategic and Operational Planning;
  • Forecast Management;
  • Research and Development (R&D), and
  • Systems Development and Management.

Our Growth Strategy

Our growth strategy for this division of the PLI Group is:

  • To expand the manufacturing capacity as part of our development and growth strategic plan;
  • To progressively increase the diversity and range of our products; and
  • To be innovative and to continuously access new markets, technologies and distribution channels.